Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The alpaca turned out beautiful. I've spun it thick and thin, and plied it with a little turquoise colored mylar and some apricot silk I spun up last winter. I love the color combination. I can't wait to get more alpaca spun up. It spins like a dream and doesn't need to be blended unless you want to.

We have another goat, a little pygora (I think). She is very sweet and mild tempered. The little boys are ready to shear so I've ordered an Oster Clipmaster with a goat comb attachment. It should be here next week. The cashmere girls are getting combed out tomorrow. At least Hope is. She won't be happy, but its a yearly must-do. Their fiber this year is incredible. Must be because of the hard winter we've had.

The kitty babies are so cute. Five weeks old this week. Mama kitty is going to be adopted out we hope. We're keeping one of the babies and a friend is taking the other two. I need to get some new pictures of these little darlings.