Friday, April 24, 2015

Spring is always the most fun and beautiful time in our area.  We love the 'greeness' and the flowers.  The animals all seem to be so much happier too.  The chickens have been roaming around the yards, eating bugs and digging up the soil in general.  They are such good weeders!

And our two little speckled hens are busy doing what they do best, laying eggs.  These were the two (of three) original chicks and the others are all their babies.  You go girls!

Who needs cherry blossoms when you have apple and plum trees.  The white blossoms are from our yellow plum tree.  This year I'm trying something different ... picking them just before they ripen.  We always seem to wait just a little too late.

Aren't the yellow ones pretty.   This is our little maple we've nursed along for nearly 10 years.  It had a very large and wide pine tree right next to it.  I'm sure the maple was planted after the pine but the pine had totally overgrown our maple.  The pine eventually was taken out leaving the beautiful maple.  But its badly misshapen and has taken years to try and grow straight up.  Then that huge moth a few years ago laid eggs in it and nearly destroyed one side.  So its still crooked but should live a long time. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

 They say in Idaho if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change.

So here is the weekend at the picture on the top of the blog, and here is later in the week on the left.

It was so nice and warm I decided it might be time to start combing the cashmere out of our three goats.  This is Smoky.  He's all black until his cashmere or undercoat starts to grow.  Then he's nearly white.  After I get all the cashmere combed off, he will be black again.

Our friends have a larger herd that we do and they had / have several does ready to deliver.  She called me the day before so I stopped by to see their newest additions to their herd.  These little babies are so cute.   Its nice weather but still a little cool for these little ones who are still just a bit wet from being born so she is holding and rubbing this one with a dry towel.  Who can resist?

There were two born the first day, a boy and a girl.  The second birthing happened right before I got over there and the doe had four!  Rather unusual.  Two or three is the normal and these little ones, three girls and a boy, are fairly little.  I bet their momma is happy that's over!

They have several more to go, maybe later this week.  These are the wonderful friends we got  Comfort and 50/50 from last year.  Awwww.