Saturday, April 19, 2008

The painted BFL turned out pretty nice. The steaming worked better than the submersion dying and the wool stayed nice and soft without any felting. My original plan was to double ply it together, but I've decided to do singles of the painted and ply it with some white BFL. Just to see. Here's a picture of the single so far. A new project in the works now. The Bamboo 12 yarn from Cotton Clouds is so beautiful. I've just about got the warp measured out, maybe today will finish it out. Then on to warping the Ashford. The weft for one scarf will be lime green, the other a bright yellow. Both of these on a white warp. Should be great for summer. We finally succeeded in re-homing the two extra roosters from last year's chicks. They were too nice to eat but very noisy and the daddy rooster (Brooster) wouldn't let them near the hens or to eat. Poor little guys. The people that took them had 20 hens and no rooster. We were both happy. The cashmere goats are going to be sold soon, I hope. They have gotten too rough for me and are very jealous of the other littler goats. I had to move the cashmeres to the little pen where they started out a couple years ago, and put the alpacas over with the other three pygora goats and Dolly, our wonderful Great Pyr guard dog. Everyone seems so much happier now. The cashmeres are so wonderful and so loving and playful. I really hate to get rid of them, but it seems to help my stress level to have a few less animals to care for right now. They're calling for more snow this weekend, BLAHHHH! Everyone up here is so sick of it. Oh well, it can't last into summer, can it?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I've been working on dying some Blue Faced Leicester top. The roving was painted with Wilton's and rolled in plastic, then placed in the roaster with a little water in the bottom. I wanted to see how the steaming process would work instead of immersing them in the dye liquid. So far it seems like it worked fine. The colors are actually lime green and light purple, although it doesn't show up on the computer. I haven't got any spun up yet so we will see then if it fades at all. It was a little more work than the usual dying I do but they turned out pretty nice. Our weather is warming and we were able to get one of the pygoras sheared yesterday with the help of my daughter. I had a shearing stand built so it is a lot easier on my back this year than last. The cashmeres are just starting to blow their fiber so it won't be long before that is done, too. Our kitty babies will be eight week old Friday, they are so cute and playful. We wish we could keep them all, but that's not possible so we will keep just one. I can't believe it is April and I finally got my taxes sent in so that's done. Can summer be far away?