Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas is over and slowly things are getting back to normal for us.  The scarves I made for my daughter and niece turned out nicely.  They are so warm and feel so good when the weather is nasty.   As soon as I can I am going to make up some kits for these scarves.  They are so easy to make and are a nice one-day project.  And I can dye them whatever color someone would like.  Merino wool is extremely soft and blended with silk makes the perfect felted scarf.  Spun up the wool / silk would be wonderful also.  My niece's scarf is purple ... her favorite color!

Keeping the animals fed and watered, pens cleaned and fresh straw down is a major job these days.  As soon as I can get my tractor up and running we will take it over to the pasture for some major cleanup work.  As usual the battery is dead, even though it was a new one last summer.

We are waiting for a snow storm today that will probably last through New Year's Eve, then the temps will drop to below 0.  As long as the wind doesn't blow too much we should be ok.  We always have extra water on hand and keep the wood stove going.  This seems like a good day for some serious spinning.  I have several unfinished projects that I'd love to get done before New Year's.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

One more project before Christmas completed and on the drying rack.  This is a merino / bamboo felted scarf for my daughter.  I have one to go by Christmas.  Hope I get it done by Friday evening.  They are both a surprise. 

Still haven't finished my shopping so off to town tomorrow and hope I find what I'm looking for.  We went into town last week to view the Christmas lights and they were certainly pretty.  I thought we'd walk around a bit to see what the stores had to offer, but at 4:15pm on a Sat evening, about a third of them were closed.  Too bad, with only a week or two left before Christmas. 

This will probably be the last posting before the 25th, so I pray everyone has a beautiful and blessed Christmas, celebrating the birth of our Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Friday, December 3, 2010

So far I purchased one gift and have the 'makings' for several others.  Our family doesn't make a huge thing out of gift giving.  We enjoy the true meaning, the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. 

Trying to get out to the studio but so far I've only been able to do some carding and spinning in the house.  But that's something I certainly enjoy ... blending some batts for my etsy shop, but when I get them carded they look so interesting I always end up spinning them.  I really need to stop being so selfish and get some of this on the net for sale.  Here is the blue / aqua BFL I carded this week after dyeing it last month.  It looks totally different after blending.  This was put through the carder three times.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Inspiration for color blending and dyeing comes from so many different places for me.  God is the master and He is so able.  Every once in a while we are blessed to come across something that is so remarkable, and I just had to share this.  This is the 1st Place 2010 Olympus BioScapes Digital Imaging Competition: Eyes of daddy longlegs, from an internet picture. 

I just wish we could witness more of His magnificent workings ... and recognize them as such.  God bless you all on this Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Today we had our first snow.  When we got up at 5:30 there was only about an inch or so on the ground; its now 9:30 and still snowing.  My niece was so excited as she has never seen snow before.  She actually walked up in the dark to get our great pyr Bella out of her pen, just so she could be outside in the 'white stuff'.  They are best friends and go everywhere together.

Last week we had company, my sister and her daughter.  We did some spinning on spindles and had a go at the wheel.  They did so well.  Then we went over to see Paradise Fiber's new store.  Wow!  It is great, and they are still doing some remodeling.  So much space.  Paradise is a wonderful place to go, or shop on line.  They always seem to have just what I need, or are able to get if for me.  Check out their website:

Yesterday I dyed about eight ounces of beautiful BFL fiber.  Four ounces each of Royal Blue and Aqua to blend together along with some kind of shiny 'glitz'.  Here's a photo before I card them on my drum carder into batts.  I plan to leave large sections of color, rather than completely blending the colors as I normally do.  We'll see.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Got out to my studio at last, after a short hiatus.  I forget just how incredibly peaceful I feel out there.  I'm hoping to get a spinning group going at our local community center this fall so I've been dyeing different types of fibers for participants to try.  So far I've got some Wensleydale, White Norwegian and my favorite BFL which stands for Blue Faced Leicester, but so much easier to just say BFL.  There will be spindles for everyone to try that doesn't have a spinning wheel available, also lessons or demos for everything.  Its possible to blend different fibers and/or colors by hand so we won't need a carder.

Also did some rainbow dyeing with a bit of blending nylon.  I've left it as it was when it dried so I can show how the colors blend after the fiber is drafted out a little.  There's probably enough for everyone to try a little anyway.

Fall in north Idaho is such a nice time.  Usually the weather is cold, clear and sunny.  This week however its been cool, cloudy and rainy.  The painters were here this week trying to finish painting the outside of the house but it rains off and on so they've had quite a time.   The screened porch is wonderful and sure keeps the bugs out of the house.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I finally got some of the Polworth washed, picked and carded with just a little pink nylon glitz.  I've started spinning and Wow, it is beautiful.  Its soft and since the fibers are so long a dream to spin.  Not sure what will be made with this nice yarn but is very suitable for hats, scarves or nice outerwear.

It is not quite as soft as alpaca, but certainly worth the effort.  Like I said before, it is a dream to spin.

 We had Dolly groomed this week.  She is so clean and white that the night after I think she actually glowed in the dark.  She's been hiding out in the alpaca barn ever since so maybe she's tired from the ordeal or could be mad at me for taking her there.  Anyway, she looks beautiful and smells much better.  Now to get Bella done.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We have a new addition to our family!  Thanks to my good friends at Serano Alpacas, Jasper has been added to our herd.  He is a year old and incredibly beautiful!  I can't wait to spin some of his fiber next summer.  We will be shearing in the spring of 2011 so I will have to wait until then.

Things are moving ahead on the farm.  I finally decided to let our Great Pyr 18-month old puppy Bella out of the goat pen where she's been kept the last couple weeks.  She spends her days in the pasture with the other animals, then back to the goat pen at night because I don't trust her not to dig elephant-sized holes in the newly planted front yard.  I let her out mid-morning today and by early afternoon she had a nice sized hole started.  My daughter promptly went out and retrieved her by loudly proclaiming "naughty!".  Bella got up and slowly walked to the goat pen.  Guess she knew what she'd done.  It was almost funny.

I hope to get back to some spinning soon.  I've got the dark brown yak carded with the bright red tencel nepps started on one of my spindles.  I'm planning on spinning the rest of the plain yak roving into another single on my wheel, then plying the two together.  The fiber is so incredibly soft and short it's taking a little longer than usual to get done.  At least I can take my spindle with me when I have to sit and wait anywhere.

Friday, August 27, 2010

I finished the wool and silk felted scarf I had been working on.  It turned out very pretty.  I just might have to keep this one, since I don't have anything red!  It was easy to do and maybe I will make up some kits to sell so you can make your own.   I've got my tencel nepps dyed red and plan on blending a few of them with some beautiful dark brown yak fiber.  Maybe this week.

Summer is winding down, at least in north Idaho.  We had a dust and wind storm yesterday as a cold front dropped in for a visit from the north.  Lots of fires fanned by the swirling winds.  It would be nice if we could get some rain too. 

We had our front yard somewhat landscaped over the past few weeks.  I had a water problem in the back of the house I hope is finally solved.  After the yard was planted with new grass, we had the front porch screened in.  We may not be able to use the porch much longer this summer, but next summer it will be so nice not to fight the moths and bugs every time you go outside.

Our sky is normally so blue, but this picture was taken right in the middle of the wind and dust storm.  You can see how gray the sky was yesterday.  The inside of the house is now covered with a fine brown dust that seeps into every crack and crevice.

Friday, August 13, 2010

How busy can one family be?  We've had eight baby kittens for several weeks now.  Three different litters, all with no momma kitty.  Its so sad how things happen that way.  Last week we were asked to take in another single baby.  He is very thin but so sweet.  He's all white with one green, one blue eye.  My daughter believes he is completely deaf.  Not surprising with the eye colors.  She's finally got him on the right track eating and drinking on his own.  Quite an appetite!  Then this week she was asked to take another litter of five.  They are about three weeks, mom was killed by a coyote and they are all being bottle fed every couple of hours.  She has such dedication and love for these little beings.  After they are a few months old she returns them to Priest River Animal Rescue shelter to be adopted.  Here is a picture of one of the white Siamese babies.  Three white and one gray.  Kitten anyone?

While she is busy with the kitties, we are also having a portion of our property landscaped.  I'm so excited about that.  Its something that's been needed for several years.  The guys work hard and are doing a wonderful job.  I can't wait to post a picture once its all done.

So ... who has time to spin or weave?  I got out some beautiful, soft Yak rovings this week but wanted to dye up some tencel or cotton nepps in a contrasting color before I spin it up, but just haven't had a minute to do it.  Hopefully after Labor Day things will calm down and I can get some 'fun' stuff going on again.  We're going to Blanchard Daze tomorrow, parade then a craft type fair.  Always a good time with good food.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Carding is not hard ... my 10 year old niece carded her first batt all by herself.  I showed her how to do it, gave her some hunks of fiber and turned my back to work on something.  Pretty soon she had this beautiful batt ready to remove from the carder!  Beautiful.  This is a blend of alpaca, mohair locks and some odds and ends of different wools.

This has been a very busy month and it looks like there's no end in sight.  We went to the Art on the Green last weekend.  Didn't buy too much but its always so much fun.  I love the street craft show and the food.  We've had so much wind today we can't get much done outside.  The lawn and flowers are drying out but not much we can do.  Hopefully it doesn't last much longer.

I have a carpenter working on the front porch, screening it in at last.  At least we will be able to sit outside without being attacked by moths and mosquitos.  Also have a landscaper scheduled to help with the drainage situation, which is a winter-time worry.  The ground freezes, then the snow melts and no where for some of the runoff to go.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Finally got the Cotswold locks dyed and spun up.  They were blended with some dyed nylon fibers, then spun thick / thin, and the single was plyed with some rayon yarn.  It turned out very pretty.  The pic is before and after carding.  I did use the picker to get those little locks nice and separated.  Still have an entire bag of it to go.

Also finished the green wool singles and plyed them with some hand dyed silk hankies I bought a couple years ago at the NWRSA when it was held here in town.  I had spun the hankies already and the colors just matched so well.   Never throw anything away, even if you think you won't be using it, not that I would have thrown the silk yarn out.  The weather has been beautiful and warm.  Went to a church BBQ last night, it was so fun with the live music from our own praise band.  All the summer foods including ice cream.  The kittens have been so sick but are doing much better.  My daughter takes such good care of them but its certainly is a full time job. 

Friday, July 2, 2010

What a busy time for us here on the farm.  This week we got firewood delivered for next winter.  We had the wood dumped in a big pile and still need to stack it close to the house so we're not hiking through the snow to get an armload.  We get it cut and split to size by the guys that we buy it from so there's not a lot more for us to do except stack.  Also got our second load of hay delivered this morning.  We still need around 15 bales for the alpacas this winter, then start working on the goat's hay.  They don't eat the same kind with the goats doing better with some rougher types of grasses.

I finally got the merino / pygora yarn finished up this week.  Here's a pic of the finished skein.  I'm not sure how much yarn there actually is, I will have to measure it later.  Today I'm putting the gray Cotswold locks in the dye pot.  I love the color and texture of that wool and think a very light blue with a little lilac might be pretty.  Lots of the gray will be left undyed to give it the variegated look I love so much.  More rain today, so no yard mowing for a while.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Wow, now that summer is here the weeds have gotten about knee-high around here.  Mowing is a full time job.  But so pretty and green right now.   If I can just get control of this situation ...     I bought another loom from some friends daughter.  Its a Mighty Wolf by Schacht, also came with a bench, bobbin winder, spinning wheel and lots of other goodies.  No place to put it right now but may end up keeping it in my daughter's shop, which is in the next room to my studio.  It came with a huge bag of yarn and three white garbage bags of wool right off the sheep.   You never know what wool is like until you start going through it, but check out the length of this stuff.  I believe it is Australian Polworth, which a web site said it was Australia's original type wool.  They are known for their beautiful merino.  This stuff is just about as soft.  I've hand washed a bit and Love it.  Here are some of the locks before washing.  Pretty greasy stuff, but it doesn't smell bad and washes up fairly easily ... very hot water with a little Dawn detergent, let it soak for about 30 min.  Then lift it out, more hot water for rinsing.  One batch I had to wash twice, but its certainly worth the effort.  It dried and I can't decide to dye it or not.  We'll see.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

We had a very big day yesterday, visiting the walking marathon for Priest River Animal Rescue, several yard sales, and finally ending up at the Treasures on Foxwood outdoor vendor sale in north eastern WA.  They had the most delicious huckleberry ice cream!  Mostly we just walked around looking at all the goodies for sale but on the way around I happened upon a nice lady with a little two-shaft loom for sale.  I just couldn't pass it up.  She is local, very nice and interested in weaving so hopefully she will be able to come up to the farm and we can try out the little loom!  Its very cute but no name on it.  Could be an old home made model, but some parts seem so skillfully crafted.  I'm anxious to try it out.  Here's a pic.  The rain continues to fall this spring, now summer.  It is beautifully green here and no need to water the lawn.  The goats found out how to get the fence apart and I found them out on the property several times since last Sunday.  Ordered some very cool fasteners from Premier that are so ingenious ... spiral shaped that go from the top to the bottom of the 16' cattle panels and there is no way the little stinkers can get through any more!  woohoo.  My garden is safe once again.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This has been a very busy two weeks.  We finally got the hand painted yarn warped on the little Dorothy loom.  My friend is taking it home to weave on.  The yarn turned out beautifully although its a little fuzzy, especially for metal heddles.  Whatever it turns out to be (scarf, table runner, ?) I'm sure it will be gorgeous.  Here's a pic of the yarn just started on the loom.  We have had rain nearly every day all spring.  Today is sunny and warmer so out to the yard for some much needed yard work.  I have veggies to plant and flowers that are dieing in the little pots that sure need planting.  The puppy continues to be a nuisance and loves to find my new plants and drag them the around the yard until they are completely out of the pot and spread over the grass.  The riding mower has been in the shop for the 4th year in a row at the start of spring, so we've got so much to do!  I'd love to get a different one, but hate to spend that much money.  More rain forecast for the next three days so we better get as much done today as possible.  No fiber fun for me, at least today.  Darn!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Last Saturday was the Barn Bazaar and it rained the entire time.  I think we even had some hail / snowflakes.  It was crowded but we moved from booth to booth at a more rapid pace than usual.  Ron and Judi from Serano Alpacas in Post Falls were there with their beautiful yarns and fibers.  It was their farm my black alpaca Oso Negro came from.  They have been such a huge help to me I can't say enough nice things about them.  My friend from Olympia is still visiting with us and we have been planning a weaving project for her.  She will weave it on my little Dorothy Loom, being able to take it home with her.  Its nice and portable, suitable for carrying with you, so she can take it to weaving classes.  Yesterday we dyed some wool yarn she will use for her first project, maybe it will be a scarf or several table scarves.  With a 21-yard warp she will be able to decide exactly what she wants.  We handpainted a warp I had already wound before she got here, in all the colors of her house.  Here is a picture of the individual counted skeins being painted.  And another picture of it drying to show how they look after 'cooking' and drying.  A huge difference.  Today we will get the loom warped and hopefully will have time before she leaves next week to do some good practice sessions.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

This morning is clear, sunny and cold.  We've had so much rain lately everything is green and fresh.  Today we are off to eastern WA for the 2Women Barn Bazaar.  I love summer!  So much to do, so many places to go.  I hope the rain doesn't return until tonight.  Just received some of the most beautiful wool from LaTeaDaDesigns.  They are white Cotswold locks.  Marti sent me a sample of some silver gray and of course I couldn't resist ordering that too.  The plan is to blend them with something else but not sure what right now.  Then spin it up and do some handpainting on the yarn.  I've been looking for some silver or light gray for quite a while so I can't wait to get this.  I also went to Paradise Fibers the other day and bought some nepps in cotton and tencel.  This should blend well with other fibers to give the handspun yarns a nice tweedy appearance.  Not sure when I will get to these as I have so many projects going on, as usual.  I'm hopeful to get the painted warp on the Herald this coming week with the help of my friend who will be here for another couple of weeks.  We took Pete, our little foster kitty, back to Priest River Animal Rescue shelter yesterday.  We all hated to see him go, he is so cute and very gentle and sweet but my daughter picked up four more motherless bottle baby kitties to take his place.  She will be very busy for the next month or so, that's for sure.  We're taking them with us today so she can feed and care for them. 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I've been dyeing silk scarves and yesterday finished a big project.  On one of the scarves there must have been something that prevented the dye from working properly so it ended up with light colored spots.  I have covered them up with a painted design of a fish with bubbles, it turned out pretty well.  Not sure if anyone else will like this, but what can you do?  I had a friend and her family over last weekend to learn spinning and it was so much fun.  They did a good job and took spindles and some hand painted wool home to practice on.  I love teaching others to do the thing that I love so much.  Another friend is coming to spend some time here on the farm and wants to learn to weave.  Woohoo!  Have I got some beautiful warps we can dress the Herald loom with while she's here.  We have been friends since high school and I can't wait to see her again.  Finally getting a handle on all the spring yard work.  I had to hire someone to help weed and she's doing a great job!  Everything is starting to look much better. 

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Finally finished my six-year socks!  So relieved to have this project off my mind.  The color in the pictures didn't turn out true but they are more of a dark purple than blue in places.  The little cables up the ankle portion were fun to do (I love doing cables).  Now on to finish more already started projects.  I want to get the yellow bamboo scarf off my loom.  I have several other warps already to go on so I can't wait.  Probably not more than  a couple weeks if I were to do it daily.  I've got a hand-dyed warp called Autumn Leaves from Cotton Clouds, a yarn company I've bought from previously.  Beautiful fall colors of gold, red, green and black, with a black weft.  I haven't put it on the other loom because the loom sat in front of a window with direct sun in the morning.  I finally dug out some old curtains (way too long) but hung them up anyway temporarily.   With summer nearly here now I sure don't want to take a chance on any of my hand-dyed yarns and fibers to get sun damaged.  Still spinning on the rose-rust alpaca/merino, but that's something I can do just about any time to relax.  Off to a farm in north WA tomorrow with a friend to look at some raw sheep fleece.  I don't like the smell, but she sure does  :-\

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter morning turned out to be beautiful, after several days of rain and intermittent snow flakes.  Cold but sunny.  I bet the Sunrise Service was something to see this year.  So many are cloudy and dark.  I finished spinning the blue / green yarn and finally got to ply something worthwhile on the new magical plying machine, aka the Babe Electric Spinner.  What a great job it did.  It went so fast.  It would have taken me several days and a sore back to finish that part.  Now I just need to transfer it from the spindle to the skein winder and off for washing and drying.  This morning I put four ounces of pygora in the dye pot.  The color is called Desert Rose.  Next, as that was cooling, I dyed four ounces of merino top a rich rust color.  If they both turn out to what I expect when dry, I will be carding them together for spinning.  Here's a pic of both on the drying rack.  I love both colors so I'm hopeful they will look really good together.  And I finally figured out why some of my dyeing jobs has darker spots in the fiber.  The dye pots I've been using get hotter around the outside edge than in the middle.  Not sure how I'm going to solve that problem.  My big roaster is used like a large double boiler with water in the bottom.  We'll see what happens with this batch.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The annual Log Cabin Spin-In was yesterday.  So much fun!  It was held at Templin's Red Lion on the river and is incomparable for hospitality and the view.  Lots of vendors were there as were lots of spinners and a few visiting public.  I had taken my big tapestry loom in hopes of selling it but it didn't sell, sad to say.  There were a few spinning wheels for sale and lots and lots of yarn and fibery stuff.  I was fortunate enough to win the very first door prize, a gift certificate.  It wasn't hard to spend ... I bought two more hand knit caps from my friend Diana at Going to the Sun Fiber Mill in Kalispell, MT who had a booth set up there.  She does beautiful work and her mill processes my fibers.  Here's a picture of the one I had her knit up for me previously.  I want to try dry dyeing it like we did with the yarn balls.  Just dip and hold a portion of the little hat in the dye pot and let the dye soak up as far as it wants.  Then turn the hat and do another section in a different color.  You just have to remember to dye the lightest colors first, then the darker.  The two dyes will eventually run together for a short ways and create a third color.  Its fun and sometimes you get something totally unexpected.  My kind of dyeing.  Unexpected results.  Yeah!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The wonder plying machine is a marvel!  I can hardly wait to get some more yarn singles spun up so I have something to ply on it.  I got some of the wool cones given to me last summer and plyed them and then put it on the ball winder.  Ended up with three pretty good sized balls of white wool yarn.  It looks great and will get dyed in the ball Thursday when a friend comes over.  We will be experimenting with different dyes and techniques.  This should be fun and will post pix when we're done.  Decided a couple days ago that the white LL I've been dyeing is just too bright for the braided rug.  I threw some dark gray, light gray, beige and white in the dye pots all together.  Each color wool turned out different but the same coloration.  The grays and beige are beautiful, but as I said the white was just too bright.  So today I have been blending some light and dark gray into the bright ones.  The blended orange and green is on the left and then blended with the dark and light gray is on the right.  Its turning out pretty nice and when its done it should all be a cohesive unit for the rug.  Hope it matches my carpet and wall paint ok.  I am really enjoying my studio these days.  I also was able to dye up some BFL in a light navy and have been blending that with some Kelly green columbia I had.  It makes a nice heathered dark blue-green yarn.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I got it!  An electric plying spinner from Babe's Fiber Garden.   Not pretty, but it sure does the job.  I just got it set up this morning (took the picture still sitting on the box it came in) and of course didn't have anything to ply.  I did find some old and scratchy mohair blend I had spun several years ago on a spindle.  I needed the spindle for another project so had re-wound it on two empty TP rolls.  They didn't work as smoothly as a real bobbin would have, but I just couldn't wait.  Started out plying the two together, then decided to add some mohair locks I pulled open.  I purchased them in Arizona last spring and they were nice and soft.  Between trying to get the hang of using a bobbin-led wheel and trying to insert those pesky little mohair locks, I've had a great time this morning.  This would probably look good in a wall tapestry or something like that.  Can't imagine where I'd use this yarn, but its fun and very pretty.  I can't wait to try plying some hand spun yarn.   I'm also dying up a couple pounds of wool in different colors and will try braiding a rug next.  So many projects and certainly not enough time.  I'm taking my tapestry loom to the Log Cabin Spin-In this month hoping to sell it.  Got to make room for more 'stuff'.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Well I finally bit the bullet and joined Facebook at my daughter's insistence. We have lots of close relatives that live in other states. It is nice to get to see their pix and see what they are doing. I don't know if I will post much, but I will give it a try. This week I've been plying the blue/green alpaca with some nice white BFL I had spun up about a year ago. Here's a pic. I got so tired from the plying about half way through I called my friends at Paradise Fibers in Spokane and ordered a special electric spinning wheel set up just for plying. My knees and feet are so sore. I should have ordered it before I started. But it should be here in a few days. I have to finish what I started on this old Ashford (which I love) because I don't want to break the yarn and make my skein shorter. guess I'm just finicky, but the longer the better.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The scamers and spamers are at it again. I've had to withdraw my loom ad from craigslist. I've received no less than 20 offers from these weirdo's. Its still for sale, just not on that web site. Our weather has been wonderful for most of the winter this year. The last couple weeks has been near or in the 40's. I'm wanting to get the garden weeded and ready to plant something new. Now, if I could just keep Bella from digging elephant-size holes everywhere ... like the driveway, the front yard ... she loves digging! And so big and strong now she can just about go through concrete. I've been spinning up the blue / green baby alpaca (Wasabi's) I dyed last year. I want to make a baby hat for a friend's new baby. Hope I get the yarn done before the little guy's a teenager! We were finally able to find a new home for the Q-bed. A friend is coming today to pick it up and take it to the family. I'm so glad they can use it. My little Harley will be gelded next Sat. He has gotten so amorous with me! I'm sorry to do it to him, but it will be better. The two other little guys aren't ready yet but the vet says he can 'fix' that so we can do them this year (I hope).

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

For Sale: Ashford 24" Tapestry Loom - $350 (Cost New $525) I will be at the Log Cabin Spin-In in Post Falls in March and can deliver it then. Or you can see it / pick it up at my home studio. Email me at if you want more pictures or have any questions.

I guess its time for me to pass this beautiful loom along to someone else. I purchased it used about five years ago from a nice lady in Wisconson. I have never used it and realize now I probably won't. I have four other looms and although I have always wanted to learn how to do Navajo weaving or make a wall tapestry, I just don't have the time any more. So I am downsizing a bit. This is a great deal for someone with the time. Whoever purchases this has to promise to send me pictures of what they made with it, though!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A friend sent me this utube video link. I had to post it here as it is one of the best I have ever seen. Take a look at this and be sure your sound on on. All I can say is Beautiful ... Bravo, Bravo!!!!
I also have it listed under Favorite Links. Here is the email I received with the link:
In November 2009 at the central market in Valencia, Spain, opera
singers disguised as shopkeepers were selling produce at the

various stalls there. Suddenly music from Verdi's Il

Trovatore starts playing over the loudspeakers & they burst

into song. None of the shoppers has a clue what's going on. Sort of

like candid camera but completely charming.
Click on this & watch and enjoy the music and the faces in the crowd.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What a beautiful month we've had. Rather than snowing, its been raining. So different that the last couple years. The tree and bush branches are starting to have some color so buds won't be far behind. Sure hope we don't have a hard freeze in Feb which would kill off the new growth. I went to a natural dye class Sat. The product we used is called Earthues and is mostly comprised of bugs and roots and is a very ancient form of dyeing used around the world. The picture shows the nine different applications. We used cochineal, logwood purple, cutch, Qyellow, Qred, pomegranate, weld, lac and chestnut. Cochineal and lac are bugs, the rest are roots or seeds and plants. We were told not to wash the yarn for at least a week so assume it will soften the colors just a little when I do. It was very interesting and a lot of fun. I've used other dyes, but never anything like these. The colors don't turn out like you would imagine so a basic class is helpful. I've more confidence now and would love to try them. They are very expensive so I'd sure hate to mess it up. Got to get my tax stuff done this week as my appointment with the tax preparer is next week. No playing and fun for me until its done.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

WELCOME 2010 !

The new year is finally here. Out with the old, in with the new. Just like our lives we throw away what we don't need any more. One of the things I like and will continue in 2010 is recycling. We usually re-home our older clothes to the Salvation Army, reuse grocery plastic bags and all the stuff most folks do also. One or two interesting ideas is to shop thrift stores, find a sweater (or whatever they have) that's not particularly attractive but the colors are beautiful. Then frog it, or unravel it. Knit or weave the new yarn to make yourself a scarf or hat for near to nothing pricewise. Last summer I carded small batches of left over fiber together and got some very interesting combinations. Some people (not me) use the thurms from weaving and spin them in with other fibers for a colorful interesting yarn. I'm still working on spinning the brown / white / black alpaca. It will be a 2-ply yarn and so far I have one bobbin full, ready to start of the second bobbin. If finances get better this year I would love to get an electric spinner to be used for plying. That's the only part that makes me so tired, because there's a lot of it and I'm always anxious to get it done (so I can play with it!). My resolution for this year is to get my desk cleaned off. Happy New Year everyone.