Saturday, May 22, 2010

This morning is clear, sunny and cold.  We've had so much rain lately everything is green and fresh.  Today we are off to eastern WA for the 2Women Barn Bazaar.  I love summer!  So much to do, so many places to go.  I hope the rain doesn't return until tonight.  Just received some of the most beautiful wool from LaTeaDaDesigns.  They are white Cotswold locks.  Marti sent me a sample of some silver gray and of course I couldn't resist ordering that too.  The plan is to blend them with something else but not sure what right now.  Then spin it up and do some handpainting on the yarn.  I've been looking for some silver or light gray for quite a while so I can't wait to get this.  I also went to Paradise Fibers the other day and bought some nepps in cotton and tencel.  This should blend well with other fibers to give the handspun yarns a nice tweedy appearance.  Not sure when I will get to these as I have so many projects going on, as usual.  I'm hopeful to get the painted warp on the Herald this coming week with the help of my friend who will be here for another couple of weeks.  We took Pete, our little foster kitty, back to Priest River Animal Rescue shelter yesterday.  We all hated to see him go, he is so cute and very gentle and sweet but my daughter picked up four more motherless bottle baby kitties to take his place.  She will be very busy for the next month or so, that's for sure.  We're taking them with us today so she can feed and care for them. 

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