Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Brrrr, a little chilly this morning. Foggy, damp and around 38. Not as cold as its been but with the dark skies it sure seems so. All our four-legged friends are doing well. The alpacas and goats have been famished when I feed in the morning. Wonder if they are putting on extra weight because its going to be colder or something this winter. We've taken in another motherless litter of kittens. We lost one right away, then another wasn't doing so well. We did take them to the nice vet and got some medicine, put an extra heater near their cage and lots of TLC. The two are doing so much better. One we named Big Mike. He's so big and robust and bright orange, and can play with Angel, the little kitty I found in the pasture one morning. The other little girl has been named Mini because she is. She's a tortoise colored mostly black with a tiny little orange nose. She is so much more fragile and apparently isn't as advanced as Big Mike. She prefers to sit in the cage and watch most of the time. I finally got my black alpaca yarn spun and washed. It is so soft. I want to either knit a hat or will weave a scarf. Pix if I ever get it done. I tried getting pix of the two little ones this morning, but they are too fast. Here's one of Angel.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The wind has been blowing all night. It was so noisy at one point I got out of bed to make sure we didn't have anything 'bad' going on outside. Flashlight in hand I made it downstairs only to find all the motion lights outside were on. I guess when the power went out and came back on a few minutes later it tripped something and they had to all be unplugged this morning. At midnight, I wasn't about to go out and do it. The only mishap (so far) has been my beautiful little maple in the front yard. I have always suspected it would split but thought it would be several years before that happened. When it stops blowing later this week I will be out doing cleanup on the property. I always pray none of our big trees comes down on any outbuildings. Last year one did come down on the fence and just barely missed my neighbor's house by inches. God is so good.