Saturday, June 28, 2008

I can never leave well enough alone. For some reason I thought I needed another dog. I received an email from Sharon at the great pyr rescue org saying there was a young male dog who needed a home. I made arrangements to meet him and his owner in Missoula MT Monday. He is a wonderful dog ... friendly, obedient (as much as a pyr can be) and just loves to be loved. Things don't always turn out like you think they will, however. On the way home (4 hour drive) he decided he should have used the bathroom in Missoula and proceeded to urinate in the back of my Lexus. Oh well, not his fault. Then we got home and I walked him on a leash for some time showing him the fence line and all the 'fun' places he could find. He was being such a good boy that I let him off the leash to see what he'd do. After being so good for so long, he took off after my chickens and killed three before I could get to him. I only had six to start with. Then my other pyr Dolly, won't have a thing to do with him and snaps at him when he comes close. I can't put him in the pasture with the goats and alpacas for fear he or Dolly might jump the fence and leave. I've decided he deserves a better home than this one and a lady is coming tomorrow afternoon to look at him. To her credit, she is even more of a dog lover than I am and the meals she hand prepares for her dogs, I could go for! Hope she takes him. He's such a nice boy.

Monday, June 9, 2008

How many days in a year? I think this is the 366th day of rain so far. We start to warm up, then it rains again. More this week and very cold. Since the snow is down to 4000' today, maybe that's the reason? There is always a rainbow, though. At least with this weather, working outside isn't something that I'm needing to do. So, that means I get to weave and spin without feeling guilty. I'm working on the Bamboo12 scarf with the tiny little spiderweb-y yarn from Cotton Clouds. It is so beautiful, but so tiny. Hopefully it will turn out as delicate as it seems. It is supposed to be very soft. The warp is long enough for two scarves so it will be a while before I get to take the first one off the loom. Maybe I can get a picture of the first one in the next couple days. The pattern is not as hard as I first thought, so maybe it will be ok after all.