Friday, July 11, 2014

Don't you just love summer!?  I was out in the garden the other morning early and got these beautiful sunflowers facing the sun.  They aren't the huge ones but are very pretty.  And they move their little faces around to follow the sun.

The purple flowers on the right are my favorites!  They are called Campanula.  A few years ago I dyed and spun up some fiber the colors of these pretty flowers.  If you are curious, look back in my blog at the yarns.

And this is one of my favorite old, crusty, do-nothing things in the yard.  Its been there for years and I don't know what it was used for.  But we like it and just leave it where it is.  It's in the way but we go around it.

This is one of the only really shady places in our yard and just to the right of the purple flowers.

And here is our little girly-goat.  Comfort the bottle baby.  She craves human company (don't they all!) and will follow us all over the yard.  She even follows us up to the pool.  Very curious about it but not enough to jump in or take a drink like the kitties and dogs do.

She is such a love!  She sits on our laps and smiles.  :^}   Me too!