Friday, November 20, 2009

Nearly Thanksgiving! No, I'm not ready, but almost. Don't mention Christmas yet. We've been getting ready for winter by taking care of all our outside chores, stacking wood, putting away anything that might get broken or puppy would chew up. I ordered some beautiful space-dyed chenille yarn last week. The delivery person so kindly put it somewhere near the front porch where the 60+ lb puppy was so sweet to open the box for me. I found the yarn cone on the other side of the yard with the bottom all chewed out. I'm sure the pieces of yarn will be about 12" long when I unroll it. Oh well, it was only a 2 lb cone! I did finish the 12/2 bamboo scarf this fall that has been on the loom for the last two summers. I sent it to one of my sisters. She liked it! So now I'm working on the second half of that white warp. The first scarf was woven with a beautiful yellow, the second one will be lime green. I've also got three more warps ready to go when I finish this. The big Herald loom has steel heddles and I'm not sure if I want to stress the warp on it like I did with the Leicester Longwool scarf. Of course that was handspun which made it a little more fragile that these will be. Here's a pic of the yellow bamboo one.