Sunday, June 29, 2014

 We've had so much rain lately!  We had our garden rototilled last month, then it started raining off and on.  Silly me, I waited too long to try and get out there to rake and weeds out that were loose.

Here's a picture of what it looks like today.  Those weeds are about knee to waist high now.  I had purchased a couple veggie plants at the store a couple weeks ago.  Waited for the rain to stop and finally took them out to the garden.

Since it was so wet I just sat them on a small cleared spot where I had removed some of the weeds.  Then ... of course I forgot they were out there.  So last week I went out to see if they were still alive.  Fortunately there was enough rain every day to keep them more than healthy.   Today is June 29 and I still have not planted them.

Oh well.  There's always tomorrow.

 If anyone thinks these hardy plants are not going to make it, take a look at our broccoli plant in this picture on the right.  You can see the weeds surrounding a darker green plant.  There's actually more than one plant as this is a six-pack container.

All it needs is a little TLC and to be freed from its prison of the container.  Talk about container gardening!  There are even a few little flowerettes of broccoli on the tops.

The picture on the left is our poor little tomato plant.  If you look very close, there is even a tiny little tomato right in the front.

See?  Not bad for still is the container.  I always said I had a brown thumb when it came to my garden.  Maybe the problem all along was me.  I should just leave well enough alone.

Actually, last year we had a pretty nice garden.  We had purchased the plants we wanted instead of doing the seed thing like the had the year before.  That didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped, so last year we got fairly large plants and had more veggies than we could use.  We gave quite a bit away to friends and the church love pantry and still had enough to use, dry, and however else we needed to use them.  And we didn't even start the plants until July.

Let's hope this year is warm and drier than the last month.