Saturday, September 25, 2010

I finally got some of the Polworth washed, picked and carded with just a little pink nylon glitz.  I've started spinning and Wow, it is beautiful.  Its soft and since the fibers are so long a dream to spin.  Not sure what will be made with this nice yarn but is very suitable for hats, scarves or nice outerwear.

It is not quite as soft as alpaca, but certainly worth the effort.  Like I said before, it is a dream to spin.

 We had Dolly groomed this week.  She is so clean and white that the night after I think she actually glowed in the dark.  She's been hiding out in the alpaca barn ever since so maybe she's tired from the ordeal or could be mad at me for taking her there.  Anyway, she looks beautiful and smells much better.  Now to get Bella done.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We have a new addition to our family!  Thanks to my good friends at Serano Alpacas, Jasper has been added to our herd.  He is a year old and incredibly beautiful!  I can't wait to spin some of his fiber next summer.  We will be shearing in the spring of 2011 so I will have to wait until then.

Things are moving ahead on the farm.  I finally decided to let our Great Pyr 18-month old puppy Bella out of the goat pen where she's been kept the last couple weeks.  She spends her days in the pasture with the other animals, then back to the goat pen at night because I don't trust her not to dig elephant-sized holes in the newly planted front yard.  I let her out mid-morning today and by early afternoon she had a nice sized hole started.  My daughter promptly went out and retrieved her by loudly proclaiming "naughty!".  Bella got up and slowly walked to the goat pen.  Guess she knew what she'd done.  It was almost funny.

I hope to get back to some spinning soon.  I've got the dark brown yak carded with the bright red tencel nepps started on one of my spindles.  I'm planning on spinning the rest of the plain yak roving into another single on my wheel, then plying the two together.  The fiber is so incredibly soft and short it's taking a little longer than usual to get done.  At least I can take my spindle with me when I have to sit and wait anywhere.