Saturday, May 29, 2010

Last Saturday was the Barn Bazaar and it rained the entire time.  I think we even had some hail / snowflakes.  It was crowded but we moved from booth to booth at a more rapid pace than usual.  Ron and Judi from Serano Alpacas in Post Falls were there with their beautiful yarns and fibers.  It was their farm my black alpaca Oso Negro came from.  They have been such a huge help to me I can't say enough nice things about them.  My friend from Olympia is still visiting with us and we have been planning a weaving project for her.  She will weave it on my little Dorothy Loom, being able to take it home with her.  Its nice and portable, suitable for carrying with you, so she can take it to weaving classes.  Yesterday we dyed some wool yarn she will use for her first project, maybe it will be a scarf or several table scarves.  With a 21-yard warp she will be able to decide exactly what she wants.  We handpainted a warp I had already wound before she got here, in all the colors of her house.  Here is a picture of the individual counted skeins being painted.  And another picture of it drying to show how they look after 'cooking' and drying.  A huge difference.  Today we will get the loom warped and hopefully will have time before she leaves next week to do some good practice sessions.

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