Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This has been a very busy two weeks.  We finally got the hand painted yarn warped on the little Dorothy loom.  My friend is taking it home to weave on.  The yarn turned out beautifully although its a little fuzzy, especially for metal heddles.  Whatever it turns out to be (scarf, table runner, ?) I'm sure it will be gorgeous.  Here's a pic of the yarn just started on the loom.  We have had rain nearly every day all spring.  Today is sunny and warmer so out to the yard for some much needed yard work.  I have veggies to plant and flowers that are dieing in the little pots that sure need planting.  The puppy continues to be a nuisance and loves to find my new plants and drag them the around the yard until they are completely out of the pot and spread over the grass.  The riding mower has been in the shop for the 4th year in a row at the start of spring, so we've got so much to do!  I'd love to get a different one, but hate to spend that much money.  More rain forecast for the next three days so we better get as much done today as possible.  No fiber fun for me, at least today.  Darn!

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