Monday, June 28, 2010

Wow, now that summer is here the weeds have gotten about knee-high around here.  Mowing is a full time job.  But so pretty and green right now.   If I can just get control of this situation ...     I bought another loom from some friends daughter.  Its a Mighty Wolf by Schacht, also came with a bench, bobbin winder, spinning wheel and lots of other goodies.  No place to put it right now but may end up keeping it in my daughter's shop, which is in the next room to my studio.  It came with a huge bag of yarn and three white garbage bags of wool right off the sheep.   You never know what wool is like until you start going through it, but check out the length of this stuff.  I believe it is Australian Polworth, which a web site said it was Australia's original type wool.  They are known for their beautiful merino.  This stuff is just about as soft.  I've hand washed a bit and Love it.  Here are some of the locks before washing.  Pretty greasy stuff, but it doesn't smell bad and washes up fairly easily ... very hot water with a little Dawn detergent, let it soak for about 30 min.  Then lift it out, more hot water for rinsing.  One batch I had to wash twice, but its certainly worth the effort.  It dried and I can't decide to dye it or not.  We'll see.

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