Monday, July 19, 2010

Finally got the Cotswold locks dyed and spun up.  They were blended with some dyed nylon fibers, then spun thick / thin, and the single was plyed with some rayon yarn.  It turned out very pretty.  The pic is before and after carding.  I did use the picker to get those little locks nice and separated.  Still have an entire bag of it to go.

Also finished the green wool singles and plyed them with some hand dyed silk hankies I bought a couple years ago at the NWRSA when it was held here in town.  I had spun the hankies already and the colors just matched so well.   Never throw anything away, even if you think you won't be using it, not that I would have thrown the silk yarn out.  The weather has been beautiful and warm.  Went to a church BBQ last night, it was so fun with the live music from our own praise band.  All the summer foods including ice cream.  The kittens have been so sick but are doing much better.  My daughter takes such good care of them but its certainly is a full time job. 

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