Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I got it!  An electric plying spinner from Babe's Fiber Garden.   Not pretty, but it sure does the job.  I just got it set up this morning (took the picture still sitting on the box it came in) and of course didn't have anything to ply.  I did find some old and scratchy mohair blend I had spun several years ago on a spindle.  I needed the spindle for another project so had re-wound it on two empty TP rolls.  They didn't work as smoothly as a real bobbin would have, but I just couldn't wait.  Started out plying the two together, then decided to add some mohair locks I pulled open.  I purchased them in Arizona last spring and they were nice and soft.  Between trying to get the hang of using a bobbin-led wheel and trying to insert those pesky little mohair locks, I've had a great time this morning.  This would probably look good in a wall tapestry or something like that.  Can't imagine where I'd use this yarn, but its fun and very pretty.  I can't wait to try plying some hand spun yarn.   I'm also dying up a couple pounds of wool in different colors and will try braiding a rug next.  So many projects and certainly not enough time.  I'm taking my tapestry loom to the Log Cabin Spin-In this month hoping to sell it.  Got to make room for more 'stuff'.

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