Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What a beautiful month we've had. Rather than snowing, its been raining. So different that the last couple years. The tree and bush branches are starting to have some color so buds won't be far behind. Sure hope we don't have a hard freeze in Feb which would kill off the new growth. I went to a natural dye class Sat. The product we used is called Earthues and is mostly comprised of bugs and roots and is a very ancient form of dyeing used around the world. The picture shows the nine different applications. We used cochineal, logwood purple, cutch, Qyellow, Qred, pomegranate, weld, lac and chestnut. Cochineal and lac are bugs, the rest are roots or seeds and plants. We were told not to wash the yarn for at least a week so assume it will soften the colors just a little when I do. It was very interesting and a lot of fun. I've used other dyes, but never anything like these. The colors don't turn out like you would imagine so a basic class is helpful. I've more confidence now and would love to try them. They are very expensive so I'd sure hate to mess it up. Got to get my tax stuff done this week as my appointment with the tax preparer is next week. No playing and fun for me until its done.

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