Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Finally finished my six-year socks!  So relieved to have this project off my mind.  The color in the pictures didn't turn out true but they are more of a dark purple than blue in places.  The little cables up the ankle portion were fun to do (I love doing cables).  Now on to finish more already started projects.  I want to get the yellow bamboo scarf off my loom.  I have several other warps already to go on so I can't wait.  Probably not more than  a couple weeks if I were to do it daily.  I've got a hand-dyed warp called Autumn Leaves from Cotton Clouds, a yarn company I've bought from previously.  Beautiful fall colors of gold, red, green and black, with a black weft.  I haven't put it on the other loom because the loom sat in front of a window with direct sun in the morning.  I finally dug out some old curtains (way too long) but hung them up anyway temporarily.   With summer nearly here now I sure don't want to take a chance on any of my hand-dyed yarns and fibers to get sun damaged.  Still spinning on the rose-rust alpaca/merino, but that's something I can do just about any time to relax.  Off to a farm in north WA tomorrow with a friend to look at some raw sheep fleece.  I don't like the smell, but she sure does  :-\

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