Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter morning turned out to be beautiful, after several days of rain and intermittent snow flakes.  Cold but sunny.  I bet the Sunrise Service was something to see this year.  So many are cloudy and dark.  I finished spinning the blue / green yarn and finally got to ply something worthwhile on the new magical plying machine, aka the Babe Electric Spinner.  What a great job it did.  It went so fast.  It would have taken me several days and a sore back to finish that part.  Now I just need to transfer it from the spindle to the skein winder and off for washing and drying.  This morning I put four ounces of pygora in the dye pot.  The color is called Desert Rose.  Next, as that was cooling, I dyed four ounces of merino top a rich rust color.  If they both turn out to what I expect when dry, I will be carding them together for spinning.  Here's a pic of both on the drying rack.  I love both colors so I'm hopeful they will look really good together.  And I finally figured out why some of my dyeing jobs has darker spots in the fiber.  The dye pots I've been using get hotter around the outside edge than in the middle.  Not sure how I'm going to solve that problem.  My big roaster is used like a large double boiler with water in the bottom.  We'll see what happens with this batch.

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