Thursday, November 18, 2010

Today we had our first snow.  When we got up at 5:30 there was only about an inch or so on the ground; its now 9:30 and still snowing.  My niece was so excited as she has never seen snow before.  She actually walked up in the dark to get our great pyr Bella out of her pen, just so she could be outside in the 'white stuff'.  They are best friends and go everywhere together.

Last week we had company, my sister and her daughter.  We did some spinning on spindles and had a go at the wheel.  They did so well.  Then we went over to see Paradise Fiber's new store.  Wow!  It is great, and they are still doing some remodeling.  So much space.  Paradise is a wonderful place to go, or shop on line.  They always seem to have just what I need, or are able to get if for me.  Check out their website:

Yesterday I dyed about eight ounces of beautiful BFL fiber.  Four ounces each of Royal Blue and Aqua to blend together along with some kind of shiny 'glitz'.  Here's a photo before I card them on my drum carder into batts.  I plan to leave large sections of color, rather than completely blending the colors as I normally do.  We'll see.

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