Sunday, October 10, 2010

Got out to my studio at last, after a short hiatus.  I forget just how incredibly peaceful I feel out there.  I'm hoping to get a spinning group going at our local community center this fall so I've been dyeing different types of fibers for participants to try.  So far I've got some Wensleydale, White Norwegian and my favorite BFL which stands for Blue Faced Leicester, but so much easier to just say BFL.  There will be spindles for everyone to try that doesn't have a spinning wheel available, also lessons or demos for everything.  Its possible to blend different fibers and/or colors by hand so we won't need a carder.

Also did some rainbow dyeing with a bit of blending nylon.  I've left it as it was when it dried so I can show how the colors blend after the fiber is drafted out a little.  There's probably enough for everyone to try a little anyway.

Fall in north Idaho is such a nice time.  Usually the weather is cold, clear and sunny.  This week however its been cool, cloudy and rainy.  The painters were here this week trying to finish painting the outside of the house but it rains off and on so they've had quite a time.   The screened porch is wonderful and sure keeps the bugs out of the house.

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