Saturday, February 6, 2010

The scamers and spamers are at it again. I've had to withdraw my loom ad from craigslist. I've received no less than 20 offers from these weirdo's. Its still for sale, just not on that web site. Our weather has been wonderful for most of the winter this year. The last couple weeks has been near or in the 40's. I'm wanting to get the garden weeded and ready to plant something new. Now, if I could just keep Bella from digging elephant-size holes everywhere ... like the driveway, the front yard ... she loves digging! And so big and strong now she can just about go through concrete. I've been spinning up the blue / green baby alpaca (Wasabi's) I dyed last year. I want to make a baby hat for a friend's new baby. Hope I get the yarn done before the little guy's a teenager! We were finally able to find a new home for the Q-bed. A friend is coming today to pick it up and take it to the family. I'm so glad they can use it. My little Harley will be gelded next Sat. He has gotten so amorous with me! I'm sorry to do it to him, but it will be better. The two other little guys aren't ready yet but the vet says he can 'fix' that so we can do them this year (I hope).

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