Friday, August 13, 2010

How busy can one family be?  We've had eight baby kittens for several weeks now.  Three different litters, all with no momma kitty.  Its so sad how things happen that way.  Last week we were asked to take in another single baby.  He is very thin but so sweet.  He's all white with one green, one blue eye.  My daughter believes he is completely deaf.  Not surprising with the eye colors.  She's finally got him on the right track eating and drinking on his own.  Quite an appetite!  Then this week she was asked to take another litter of five.  They are about three weeks, mom was killed by a coyote and they are all being bottle fed every couple of hours.  She has such dedication and love for these little beings.  After they are a few months old she returns them to Priest River Animal Rescue shelter to be adopted.  Here is a picture of one of the white Siamese babies.  Three white and one gray.  Kitten anyone?

While she is busy with the kitties, we are also having a portion of our property landscaped.  I'm so excited about that.  Its something that's been needed for several years.  The guys work hard and are doing a wonderful job.  I can't wait to post a picture once its all done.

So ... who has time to spin or weave?  I got out some beautiful, soft Yak rovings this week but wanted to dye up some tencel or cotton nepps in a contrasting color before I spin it up, but just haven't had a minute to do it.  Hopefully after Labor Day things will calm down and I can get some 'fun' stuff going on again.  We're going to Blanchard Daze tomorrow, parade then a craft type fair.  Always a good time with good food.

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