Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas is over and slowly things are getting back to normal for us.  The scarves I made for my daughter and niece turned out nicely.  They are so warm and feel so good when the weather is nasty.   As soon as I can I am going to make up some kits for these scarves.  They are so easy to make and are a nice one-day project.  And I can dye them whatever color someone would like.  Merino wool is extremely soft and blended with silk makes the perfect felted scarf.  Spun up the wool / silk would be wonderful also.  My niece's scarf is purple ... her favorite color!

Keeping the animals fed and watered, pens cleaned and fresh straw down is a major job these days.  As soon as I can get my tractor up and running we will take it over to the pasture for some major cleanup work.  As usual the battery is dead, even though it was a new one last summer.

We are waiting for a snow storm today that will probably last through New Year's Eve, then the temps will drop to below 0.  As long as the wind doesn't blow too much we should be ok.  We always have extra water on hand and keep the wood stove going.  This seems like a good day for some serious spinning.  I have several unfinished projects that I'd love to get done before New Year's.

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