Monday, July 21, 2008

What a beautiful weekend we've had. Saturday we went to the parade in town, the Farmer's Market and the Lavender Festival. Summer in north Idaho is so much fun! Everyone is doing well and surviving the hot weather. The other day I was squirting water with the hose and our two alpacas were competing to see who could get the wettest. They love me to squirt their front feet with water. That's how they cool off. Well, they must have been really hot because they got in the spray from head to tail. They were soaked. Then a good roll in the dirt made them feel so good! Good thing I have a great mill to send their fiber to. The dogs are getting along very well. Bo seems to be adjusting to having so much room to run. He seems very happy and Dolly doesn't seem bothered by having him 'help' her do her guarding. She takes it very seriously and does a great job. The little pygora goats have figured out how to open the old cooler where I keep the pellets and grains. Snowball knows how to use her horns to pry open the lid. Yesterday we had to get a long chain and actually tie it to the stall wall. Oh well, this now gives them something else to figure out. They are so smart. Yesterday was the first day in a week we actually had time to swim in the pool, maybe today we won't be too busy to enjoy it.

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