Saturday, April 4, 2009

Good grief, April already.  Where is the time going?  Three days into spring!  Since we've had snow every day this last week it sure doesn't seem like it.  Went to a friends a couple weeks ago, here is a picture.  The babies are so cute! My babies are all getting along well.  I think today is the day we shear the little goats.  Its been so cold I've been holding off, don't want them to get chilled.  The weather is warming up now so hopefully everyone will be ok.  We have been going to garage sales and went to a swap meet yesterday.  I bought three old pickle crocks for nearly nothing.  They are great for holding fiber-y stuff.  I will have a booth at our local fair this summer, so always looking for stuff for that.  I've been working on my spinning, trying to get some yarn made up to sell.  Its hard for me to knit any more but I do love the yarn.  Pics when I get some done.  I like dying and spinning and blending fibers.  I guess I'm partial to a tweed-y type yarn.  Its so pretty when you make something.  Come on summer!

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