Sunday, September 27, 2009

Things are going slowly right now, we are trying to get everything done outside before the cold / rain / snow hits. The days have been so beautiful here, 90's last week, 70-80's this week. A person could just forget how fast winter comes to north Idaho. All the fun inside stuff will have to wait for now. We got 90% of our wood in the carport. Decided to do the sawing and chopping later as its all inside. There was a lot of stuff left when the workers all finished up so just deciding what goes to the dump, what might sell and what we want to keep is a task in itself. In the studio I'm winding a warp of the nice wool yarn a friend gave me. I dyed several different pieces of it last week just to see what it would look like. I haven't decided for sure what I will make yet but I'm thinking of maybe a lap robe or small blanket. Its not 'next to the skin' soft but will be nice. I've got some black alpaca on both spinning wheels; the Ashford has the single and the Sonata has the double ply. I ran out of one of the single bobbins while plying, so that's why I started another one. Then I decided to see what the black / brown / white alpaca would look like blended together so that's on the carder and started on a bobbin for the Ashford. Really nice looking! When I get ready to weave the black alpaca scarf I want to do a stripe of the blended just for an accent. Since I had some dye left over from the wool yarn, I took a small piece of the blended alpaca and put one in each of the little dye pots. What an interesting color combination it made. I can't wait to get some of these projects done so I can continue on with the rest of them. Alpaca is on the bottom, wool is at the top of the photo, same colors used.

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