Sunday, November 13, 2011

This new painted warp on my Mighty Wolf loom seems so appropriate for fall.  The colors are bright and the yarns are incredibly soft.  There is enough for two scarves, or one ridiculously long wrap.  Probably one scarf will go as a gift for someone, maybe I will keep the other one.

I have a lot of new fiber to try spinning thanks to Paradise Fiber in Spokane WA.  Since I joined their fiber club I get three different types of fiber each month, each one being around 4 oz each.  If I blend it with anything I can get pounds and pounds!  The fibers are beautiful and a lot of them are not ones I would normally buy.  They are either unusual or the cost might be a little high.  But this way I can try out those and I have to say I've been very pleased with the quality.

Had our first snowfall this weekend.  It only was about and inch or so, but very pretty.  Since we still have leaves on the ground to rake and quite a few left in the trees, I'm hopeful more snow will hold off for a while until we get the raking done.  Our barn and alpaca sheds are finally cleaned out and looking pretty good thanks to some very good friends.  Now if we can just stop the alpacas from 'going' where they are supposed to sleep ...

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