Friday, January 20, 2012

It has been since before Christmas I've had time to post here.   But it is 2012 now and we've had no snow ... that is, until a couple days ago.  After the first little bit we got in November, our weather was cold but clear.  Then we got the huge storms this week.  Schools are all closed and the roads are snowy and slick.  Oh well, this is winter after all.  I haven't been spinning or weaving for a couple months now.  I think now that the holidays are over I am getting anxious to begin again.

My camera battery went dead, but I found the charger (finally!), got it all charged up and now I can't find the camera.  In the meantime, I have discovered the joys of Kumihimo braiding.  I ended up using my daughter's camera which is why there is a date stamp on the picture.  Here's the picture of the new disk I got and my first little braid.  Its more like a small keychain.  It is easy and fun ... if you get going the right way.  There's several you tube videos on the internet that make it a lot easier than trying to read the instructions.

My niece is leaving next week to return to her home in Calif.  We all have mixed feelings about this.   She is anxious to go home, but will also miss all her friends who love her here.   Our house will certainly be empty and quiet when she leaves.

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