Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Spring at Woven Dreams Farm is such a beautiful time of year even if it is very busy.  Our lilacs are all in bloom, we have around three or four large trees / bushes that smell so good!

As soon as our weather heats up a little more those pretty flowers will be gone sad to say.

But until then we cut long branches of them to make our house smell so wonderful.

This weekend we got out a bit and went to the local Farmer's Market in town.  Even though its too early in our summer for too many veggies, the flowers and early type vegetables such as lettuce were everywhere.  We didn't buy much but its so nice to see the sunshine.  We've had lots of rain and overcast skies and even several nights lately of frost. Some of our volunteer potatoes from last year got 'bit' by the frost.

Our big orange kitty 'Big Mike' is enjoying laying in one of my upstairs windows.  I wonder what he's so intent on looking at outside.

Hmmm, maybe its our chickens we have in the garden.  He's got the perfect view from my bedroom window.  These chickens are called Mottled Java's.  They start out as white chicks and as they mature they turn black.

These little girls are only about 2 1/2 months old now and still too young to lay eggs.  But I can't wait to try them when they start laying.

I've started a new weaving project, a surprise for my niece Ivy and her husband Sergio's new baby.  I'm making it out of 100% cotton yarn so it will be easy to wash.  Babies can be a little messy if you know what I mean.  The yarn is white and I'm hoping to do some dyeing on it before its finished.  No details right now, its a secret.  I will take pictures along the way and post them after I send it to them.


Sue W. said...

Ah, yes, Spring. A time for blooms and new growth and allergies. :)
Your niece Ivy and her husband Sergio are very lucky...a handmade piece has love all woven into it!
We are having some tropical-like weather here...not good for me. I recently bought a new recumbent bike and want to ride it. But even now, at 8am, it is too hot and humid for me to be out there. Ah well...with this weather, it could change at any second.
Enjoy your fresh eggs and lavender scents!

Sheryl at WovenDreamsFarm said...

Oh Sue, are you sure your not here? Our weather changes so quickly even our weatherman laughs. Your recumbent bicycle sounds like fun! Be sure to post some pix of you riding it. Our days / nights are not humid, very dry for the most part. Lovely weather actually, just a little cool until the 4th of July Always.