Monday, October 28, 2013

Here's our little boy Egypt, with GE standing behind him.  They were out in the herb garden eating weeds.  We named him Egypt because he has such an exotic looking face.  He has the most awesome nearly white cashmere fiber.  I can't wait to comb him this spring and harvest some of it.  You can only get about four ounces of fiber from each little goat, no wonder it is so expensive.

They have had the run of the property for several weeks now.  They are loving it and so are we.  They have successfully weeded nearly two acres!  Next summer when they are bigger we will be taking them over to the pasture to do some weeding over there.

Yesterday the wind starting blowing -- hard!  We lit a fire in the wood stove, made our dinner early, got enough water ready for emergency use and were all ready when our power went out about 7pm.  Boy, it is dark!  My daughter got out our Crank-A-Watt hand cranked generator and we had one light plus the ability to charge our cell phones, iPads or whatever else we might want.  Mostly we sat and talked or read.  It so nice, quiet and peaceful.  The house was warm, all the cats and dogs were inside, and chickens were in their new coop and the little goats had been fed and were in their shed for the night.

It was sure cold outside though.  The wind blew so hard it blew the roof off the old chicken coop out in the garden where we had had the chickens all summer.  We had just moved the chickens to the larger coop a couple days ago.  Just in time!

We still have a little work left outside to do, but on a much warmer and less-windy day than today.  So glad we got most of it done last weekend.


Sue W. said...

I love stories with happy endings! Yes, the power went out (and that's not good, I know, it does it here at least once a year) - but you had prepared and then reaped the reward!
And the goats! So cute!

Sheryl at WovenDreamsFarm said...

Thanks Sue! We just love them. They are not as naughty as the pygoras we nick-named 'the naughty boys'. But very sweet, and friendly but not overly so.

And our power goes out several times a year so we are prepared as much as we can get.