Friday, February 29, 2008

We're finally starting to see bare ground in spots due to the 50 degree weather we've had the last few days. Finally! I'm so tired of this snow, until next year at least.

I've been weaving a new scarf from a painted warp I got from Heritage Yarns. It is so beautiful, I can't wait to finish it. I also have been spinning up some really pretty apricot colored silk and today decided to dye Diego's fiber from last year a teal to blend up with the silk. Here's a picture of the alpaca fiber in the dye pot. I used Wilton's that I dabbed on in places to give it a variegated look so hopefully it won't turn out too dark. I will spin it up and ply it with the silk, and hope I can get this alpaca dyed and dried and ready to spin before next week. I can't wait to see how it looks against the silk.

I'm trying hard to get enough stuff together this winter so that I have something to sell at our local Art Guild sale we have in August. My problem is I always give my things away to family / friends instead of buying a present.

The goats are getting cranky. They are sick of this sloppy snow also. Its almost time to start combing the cashmeres, which means its almost time to shear the pygoras. The alpacas will get sheared by a professional in early May, so I don't have to do them myself. Serano Alpacas has a great shearer that does theirs and mine at the same time. Thank you Ron and Judi!

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Fred Stanger said...

Hello from an old friend Sorry to hear about Bill. Jerry pointed me to you. Looks like you discovered heaven.

Fred Stanger
Manhattan Beach