Friday, February 1, 2008

The snow continues to fall in north Idaho. We have exceeded what our normal snowfall is and still have several weeks left of winter. The animals are getting restless and my daughter had to snowblow paths for the goats so they could get out of the barn. The alpacas are let out of their pen into the big yard twice a day and love to walk the driveway and around the house where it has been plowed. They have discovered the hay barn and I know exactly where to find them now.

I'm still working on getting the warp on the Ashford. All this snow causes so much work that I haven't had time to do any weaving or spinning and when I do have time, I'm just too worn out to do it any good. C'mon spring! I will be happy to see a little sunshine one of these days. The worry now is that it will all melt too fast and I will get flooded downstairs. We will just keep praying that God protects us as He usually does.

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Sheryl at WovenDreamsFarm said...

August 24, 2013. Update on the snow from 2008. We had over 100" that year. As we head into fall now we are sure hoping that doesn't happen again. Last winter was actually very nice, fairly mild and little snow. Maybe 6-12" at most. We only plowed our driveway once.