Thursday, May 8, 2008

The alpacas got sheared Saturday. They are so cute! It is amazing how different and small they look without all that fiber. Diego's is so white and shiny. They thought it would probably be graded 2, which is pretty good. Oso is a true black. What gorgeous fiber he has too. It is almost as fine as Diego's and there may be more of it. Off to Going To The Sun Fiber Mill in Kalispell to be cleaned and made into roving. Diana does such a beautiful job. I always want to sell some, but enjoy spinning it myself so much I don't usually have any left over. I got to mow my lawn today for the first time this year. It looks pretty nice, considering how much snow we had last winter. I also see lots of dandelions out already. Maybe I will pick some for salad before I spray them with weed killer. On second thought, maybe the goats would like to come over and do the job instead.

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