Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wow, it is already past Memorial Day. Summer is right around the corner. Goats and alpacas are enjoying the warmer weather and being able to graze a bit. We've been working on getting stuff put away upstairs in the new bookcase I had built this winter. Finally, after two years I can put my stuff away. Weaving has gone by the way side, I continue to spin on the dyed BFL I started. I'm almost done with the second batch and plan to ply the two together. I tried plying the first one with some white but it looked too much like a sporty yarn, so hopefully I'll be able to get the colors to coordinate. Actually being able to find supplies and lots of fibery stuff after so long is like Christmas in May. Our kitten has been going through all the fiber and yarn, she's quite the little nosy one. Just one problem, she likes to eat string, I keep pulling long pieces out of her mouth. Hope it doesn't make her sick. I guess I'll just have to be better at housekeeping now. A picture of River ... we should have named her Bandit.

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