Wednesday, June 3, 2009

They're finally here! Apollo and Harley were sheared and brought home Saturday. How cute are they? You decide by this picture of them. They are quite a bit smaller because they are so young and are a little intimidated by the 'big' boys. They seem to be blending in very well, each day getting easier for them. Nothing is quite as soft as baby or yearling alpaca fiber. Right now I'm working on some of Oso's beautiful black fiber from last year. I've spun a single and plyed it with a single of some Mawata silk hankies that were dyed a beautiful dark turquoise and purple. Wow, with that black alpaca, its really striking and extremely soft. Guess I better do some more of the same. We're remodeling the old house on the property and will make it a garage, two shops with a small bedroom and bathroom. So much nicer. Now my studio can be out there instead of upstairs.

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