Thursday, July 2, 2009

One more added to the herd this month. Here's Wasabi. He is so cute! What a little sweetheart. He and the two other little guys Apollo and Harley, always are together. When they eat the adult white alpaca joins them. Seems funny but the white ones kind of stay together and the other three are content to stay with each other. Everyone gets along for the most part. Once in a while someone has to have a 'time-out' because he is getting a little too rough, but they all live and sleep together. I've been spinning a lot, mostly Oso's black fiber and plying that with some beautiful spun silk. I was so impressed with the colors of the silk I decided to try dying some on my own. It turned out very nice ... red and yellow with the colors blending in the middle. I like to think of it as Tequila Sunrise. Pics when I get it done. We've had a busy summer, remodeling the oldl guest house into a new studio for me and a workshop for daughter. Now we can get our 'stuff' out of the house and out there where we can really make some messes. Uh oh, now I have no excuse for my house being messy. Hmmm, where did I go wrong? I'm learning to make videos with my camera so maybe I will do one for the blog soon.

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