Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'm so excited. We have two new members added to our household. A few weeks ago we fostered three more kittens without a mom. After turning them back to the animal rescue, last week one of the kittens wasn't doing too well so we brought him home again. What a difference a little TLC and some different kitten food makes. He's now thriving and terrorizing the entire house. The other little person is a new Great Pyr puppy. She is around 10 weeks old I think, just a beautiful little miniature of our Dolly. She's got dark spots on her head, ears and body. We're thinking of calling her Bella because she's so beautiful. I've been working hard getting my fiber and yarn ready for Blanchard Daze which is Aug 15. We have a booth this year and I'd like to get more people interested in spinning fiber for yarn. I plan to do demos and it will be a hands-0n type booth where you can purchase handspun yarn, fiber to spin your own, and also Ashford spindles with which to spin the fiber into yarn. I really want to show that you don't have to spend a fortune to get into this wonderful relaxing hobby. The turquoise and white merino / silk shawl shown below was spun on a spindle. Our new studio and shop are nearly finished so I will finally be able to clear out my house. Right now you can just barely walk from room to room for all the fiber-y piles of stuff. Here's a pic of Bella ... she's so cute!

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