Monday, August 17, 2009

Wow, what an awesome and busy month we've had here on the farm. The studio and shop were finished just this weekend. Blanchard Daze went smoothly and we met some super nice people. Lots of interest but so many are so busy with other stuff. I don't know why we do it to ourselves. I for one have had to learn when to say 'no'. I've nearly finished the bamboo scarf I started last spring ... that's a year ago last spring! Beautiful pattern but difficult for me. To many different repeats. Maybe I will finish in time to enter it in our county fair. The yarn I took to the show was very well received and now I have room to make more. Oh boy. I hope to get some new storage areas to put fiber and yarn in. I got my big Herald loom moved over already. Both spinning wheels, all my dyeing equipment, and now I just need to get the bags and boxes of fiber that have been taking up all the room in my house moved. And I'm having so much fun! Pictures later this week when things are cleaned up. All the animals are doing so well. The weather was so hot for so long, then a nice cool break with rain for a week or so. Now its getting hot again but everything has greened up. If the lawnmower and lawn tractor hadn't broken at the same time my yard would certainly be mowed. What a good excuse not to!

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