Sunday, August 23, 2009

Its so nice to have some time finally. After a long summer of so many things going on here at the farm we've finally reached the point where I'm getting my house back in order. We've managed to take most of the studio and shop furniture over to the new building and at last I'm able to find my living room floor. As is my norm, now that I have time to finish up a few projects I'd already started, I have a bunch more in my head I can't wait to start. Room for dyeing, new warp on the big loom, finish the warp on the little loom and maybe even get my tapestry loom up and running. I did finished the bamboo scarf for the fair. We're going on Friday. I'm always afraid to see what the judges say about my things. Mostly they are so nice. I also re-homed my chicken flock this morning. A very nice lady from Spokane WA came over and picked them all up. Wow, finally I can sleep in without hearing those silly roosters seeing who can cock-a-doodle-do the loudest. Ah, peace and quiet at last. Bella is doing so beautifully. What a sweet and gentle little girl she is. We just love her. Here's a more recent picture of Bella doing what she does best ... what a ham!

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