Thursday, February 10, 2011

No news isn't necessarily good news, but at least its not bad news.  I've had two more people see Dolly, both in approxi- mately the same place as the first three.

So that lets us know that she is still out there somewhere.  We have had some cold weather but with her full fiber coat, I'm sure it feels pretty balmy to her.   I have talked with many people about her.  Everyone is so nice!  One lady has been praying for Dolly to return, and didn't know who we were.  I met her just by chance on the road tonight.

We have been stopping folks driving down the local roads near our farm and just asking them to please watch for her.  Then they want to know about her and we are off and talking!

Tonight we spent about an hour driving up to the crossroads where she's been spotted and dragging an old pillow case with some of our fragrant poopy goat hay in it.  We still have ice and snow on our roads up here but that stuff is so stinky I'm sure it will not be gone for quite some time.  Dolly is absolutely in love with one of our little wethers, LoverBoy, so I'm hoping it was his that I was able to scoop up and put in the bag.

Thanks to everyone who has been leaving me messages and comments.  I surely appreciate them.  It makes me feel so good to know there are nice people out there who care.  :->  Thank you everybody!

And this is an earlier picture of Dolly playing with Bella when Bella was a puppy.

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