Saturday, February 12, 2011

We continue to search for Dolly.  I had a man call last night who had seen her for the last two days in Blanchard.  We drove his road last night in the dark with flashlights, also today for several miles up the road but didn't find her.  We ended up at this person's house and he indicated she was spotted about three miles north of town also.

I'm beginning to think she just doesn't want to come home.  Everywhere she has been seen, she's had to pass somewhere near the farm.  Oh well.  We have done everything we can.

I was able today to work on my etsy shop.  I think I've got just about everything set up for the shop with the exception of something to sell!  There is some beautiful soft Cormo yarn ready for the dye pot so I'm hopeful I can get it in tonight, then let it sit until tomorrow when I can rinse it out.  You all will get the etsy address when its ready to go.

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