Monday, September 19, 2011

An exciting day today.  We've seen a several acre fire behind our house.  We smelled smoke this afternoon but weren't sure where it was coming from.  Sure enough, it was just a couple acres over.  Fire engines were all parked down on the road but we couldn't see any up the hill from our farm.  Its not that steep, but completely covered with trees and brush.  Probably more than usual due to the long wet spring and early summer we had this year.

We tried to round up the alpacas for transporting in the stock trailer, but they wouldn't cooperate so we decided the pasture was a safe place to leave them.  Not much grass in the pasture this time of year so its as good as any place.  We did move the tractor over in the middle of the pasture as well as our stock trailer, just in case.  Its about 2 1/2 acres in size with no brush or grass, just a few trees now so isn't likely to burn.

Here are a couple pix of the helicopters that were doing water drops on the fire.  Its still smoky in the air but not as bad as an hour a go.  The water drops are still going on but I think they have a pretty good handle on the fire.  Last I heard it was about three acres in size, but I'm not sure now.

The first picture is a helicopter dropping water, you can see it just to the left of the big tree on the right.  Second picture is just some of the smoke coming up from the fire (see how close!) and third one is one of the helicopters with a full bucket getting ready to drop it not far from our property.

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