Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our lost Great Pyrenees Dolly has been spotted around here.  We've received several calls this week she was down by the highway.  We finally saw her this morning and although we were very close to her couldn't catch her.  She has always been shy and afraid of cars, and ran into the woods when we would try to get to her.  She appeared to have on a collar with tags, but these are not our tags.  At least we could know where she's been.  Please pray God leads her home the rest of the way.  She's been gone since Feb 4 of this year.

The fiber blending has been going well.  I've been working nearly every day trying to get some rovings and batts ready to sell.  I will be sending some to friends in Kentucky who have a store to see if its something people there might like.  Here is a picture of the blue, carded and turned into roving.  So soft!

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