Monday, February 13, 2012

Its no wonder I don't get anything done these days.  My calico kitty River, has chosen my desk or my printer to take her day-long naps on.  I just love her and think she is so beautiful!

I should be starting a new spinning project soon.  A friend of one of my sister's wants yarn, so when she picks out the fiber and color she likes I can get started on it.  Its been so long since I really was very inspired to do anything fiber-y.  And I still haven't worked on that autumn-colored scarf I've got warped on the Mighty Wolf loom out in my studio.

We are currently working on getting our house straightened up as we are finally having a heat pump and forced air heating unit put in.  With no furnace or anything forced air, this place is so dusty at times, especially in the summer when we have to keep the windows open.  We also will have cooling for those few weeks in the summer than can get to 100+ at times. 

I can't wait!

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