Monday, February 27, 2012

What a beautiful day.  We have been having a snowstorm the last couple of days.  Not more than 10" but certainly enough to get our driveway plowed by our nice neighbor with his BIG tractor.  Not as much as those living around the Great Lakes but enough for us.  Now our local weather calls for another foot starting tonight.  Phew!  Its getting pretty late in the winter for this much.  So far its been a very mild one.

I've started spinning the soft superwash merino for my sister's friend.  It spins up very nicely and will be great for next to the skin items, such as a neck scarf or mittens.  Think I will spin more of this right away and have some yarns available.

We're getting a new force-air heater with a heat pump this week.  This is so exciting.  We haven't had a furnace of any kind since we moved here nearly six years ago.  Wood stove, a couple small Cadet heaters in the walls for heat and open windows in the summertime.  Since we live on dirt roads out here, this is a very dusty place.  This system will have a whole house air filtration system, plus our all-electric bill should be a lot less than we're paying now.   I can't wait to try it out.

One last note, when they were cutting through the wall from the pantry to the small room off the kitchen for ducting, they found a wall that looks like a log cabin.  You just never know with this house.

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