Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We spent the morning today digging potatoes.  They are purple potatoes and have a wonderful sweet taste.   Those in the know say not to wash them prior to storing as it 'wakes the potato up' and it will spoil faster.  We'll see.  We used some in our dinner tonight that were delicious.  We ended up with a little over 20 pounds. 

I made a bean type soup from some mayocoba dried beans I had soaked overnight.  Today I cooked them in organic chicken stock and added our own fresh vegetables of globe zucchini squash, both yellow and green, some baby crookneck squash and our hot chili peppers as well as our potatoes.  Then added an onion (we hadn't grown it ourselves).  I almost felt as if I were cheating with that!

It tasted as good as it looks in this picture.   Nice, we still have some left over for lunch tomorrow. 

Fall is certainly coming upon us.  Our temps are still nice and warm in the daytime but getting much cooler at night.  Loving our new heater.  Its so cozy when I get up in the morning instead of having to head downstairs to light the wood stove.

Our animals feel the fall too.  The kitties are all coming in at night earlier and earlier.  If we can get them in between 3 and 5pm they are good for the night.  If they stay out until dark it is a lot harder.  Since we have so many coyotes, fox, owls and bobcats around the only one that gets to stay outside all night is our Great Pyrenees, Bella.  She has a hard job to do barking all night long.    :-\    But it does keep the critters away from the house.

The rest of the morning we were pulling the old vegie plants and weeds from the garden and putting it all on our burn pile.  When it cools off in Oct or Nov, and we get a little rain we can start burning all the yard refuse accumulated over the summer.  We have some maple trees that have a bazillion leaves ready to fall.  Always in the past we'd give the leaves to the goats and alpacas to eat, as they love them.  This year I guess we'll just have to turn them over in the garden for next spring.  Considering the late start we got planting this year I think our little garden did pretty well.  Can't wait for next year!

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