Monday, October 22, 2012

 Night before last I was doing dishes after dinner.  As I rinsed the two last plates I just happened to see a small flash in our sink.  I finished rinsing the food off, cleaned out the sink and as I reached for the garbage disposal switch, something made me stop.  What was that tiny little flash I saw?  Out habit, I reached up and touched my ear ... only to find my diamond earring was gone!

So that's what I saw.  Thankful I hadn't turned on the disposer, I bravely stuck my hand down there and started pulling out what was left of our dinner.  We only run our disposal when absolutely needed so there was quite a bit of stuff down there (ugh!).

I was not able to feel it but was sure it was there, unless there was a bigger hole than the diamond and it had gone down with the water.  So I stopped and prayed God would allow me to find this very precious thing, a gift from my mother-in-law several years ago.

Stuck my hand in again and there is was!  Thank you Jesus.  It means so much to me.  Even though it is so tiny.  Must be kind of like we are to Him.  Small but precious and worth finding.

While I was taking pictures there was Bella, our Great Pyrenees in one of her favorite spots in the kitchen.  She acts so innocent, but we know she's just hoping some morsel off something tasty may drop on the floor just in reach of her nose and tongue.  She is big and lumbering, but also Very quick when it comes to treats.

She can't catch them in the air like our border collie used to, nor as quickly as Dexter our border collie lab puppy can, but with her weight and size, all she has to do is insert herself in the middle of any situation and well, you get the idea.  She's there and she's in charge.

She's a love though.  She's been sleeping in my bedroom at night now.  Since its turning colder  (low 20's now), I'm glad and even though she prefers the cool air, I think she likes it too.   The dogs both come in at night about 10:30pm.

The first 30 minutes she's in she thinks its our time to spend together, snuggling in my bed with her big head on my chest.  She's so big (about 110+ pounds) and takes up so much room, 30 minutes is about all I can take.  About then, she gets too hot and starts panting so hard it shakes the bed and I can't hear the TV.  We are both ready for her to retire to the floor where she plants herself directly in front of my closed door.  Keeping out anyone who may want to come in, I guess.

I love her!


Sue W. said...

When you said you put your hand in the garbage disposal, it was like a horror movie, when the girl goes in the deserted and the entire audience shouts "Nooooooo, don't go there!"
But you were safe, thank goodness..AND found the earring (bonus!)
You can carry that metaphor further...that's what God does. He goes through all the muck and ick that we've surrounded our hearts with and finds the diamond inside.
Dogs! Aren't they the best??!!
So glad you are writing more often again, I sure look forward to reading these. :)

Sheryl at WovenDreamsFarm said...

Sue, you are so right about God. I have lost things several times that were so meaningful or sentimental to me. Each time I was sure they were lost forever, but immediately after praying to Him, I went right to where my precious item was. He is so wonderful. I always have to give the praise to Him. Lots of muck here for sure.

And dogs are wonderful. Sweet, loyal, loving and affectionate. Thanks!