Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our weather folks are calling for        *s n o w* by Saturday.  I can't believe it may be here already.  Its way too soon as far as I am concerned.  I took this picture just this week and I was calling it 'the gathering storm'.  It has turned much colder (29 degrees at night) but our days are still fairly warm, in the 60's most days.  I still have to mow our yard one more time before it does snow but every day I hope to prolong this much loved task.  In the summer I love mowing.  I always have enjoyed it.  Especially when we got our first riding mower, but even before that.  Just being outside, the smell of the freshly cut grass and seeing how much better our yard looks after its done is so pleasing to me.  We've had such a dry fall this year that our maple tree still has leaves that have not turned color but they have turned dry and brown, still on the tree but curled up and crisp.  Too bad, that little tree usually turns a beautiful golden color.

Then yesterday I took this picture on my way home from town.  Its still part of that gathering storm but seems to be heading the other way.  We were all hoping to get a little more rain before it goes away.  And the clouds keep our weather so much warmer.  Oh well, it is what it is I guess.

Finishing up today the picking up our hoses and furniture from around our pool.  We like to leave it all out as long as possible so we can at least look at it from inside the house and maybe pretend a little longer its warm out there.  Got to put our garden to sleep for the winter and make sure no tools have been left outside.  This is one of our busiest times of the year.  Always so much to do both inside and out.

I did finally get the inside construction type jobs done last week.  The guy did a really nice job covering the heater duct work with drywall and getting the walls textured to match the original.  Now all I have to do is find some paint to match, but that can be done just about any time and I'm not in a hurry to paint right now. 


Sue W. said...

I *just* noticed, the other day, our trees turning colors. Yet, some of them have lost all their leaves already. The poor trees are confused, as the weather seems confused. What is sure, as you say, is that winter is coming. Ah, the first snow is so pretty...then it rapidly, in my mind at least, goes downhill from there. Slush, ice, difficulties in walking, bundling up only to have to strip it all off once you are in the car, with the heater, only to rebundle to walk 2 yards into the store...if only the beauty could be preserved while the difficulties go away. Guess that's what photos are for. Speaking of which, your photos of the gathering storm are lovely. What a beautiful place to live! Be well.

Sheryl at WovenDreamsFarm said...

Thanks Sue! I do love all our seasons, just some more than others.