Sunday, November 4, 2012

My daughter had headed to the vet's with one of our sick kitties a couple days ago when all of a sudden she was back in our driveway honking her horn for me to come outside.  She said there was a big fire right across the road.

Actually it was across the highway from our access road.  Fortunately I had taken my phone and we called 911.  It looked like a burn had gotten out of control somehow.  The fire was crowning in the trees and went from the bottom of the hill all the way to the top.

The fact that it was pouring down rain made me sure it was a lot bigger than they had anticipated. We went to town yesterday and it was still smoking.  Always so scary for us, we are surrounded by forests.  It wouldn't take much.

In 1910 there was a devastating fire that went almost from Spokane WA to the MT and ID state line.  People who were around during that said it sounded like a freight train.  I have read the accounts of this terrible fire and sure wouldn't want it to happen again.

I've still been working on spinning up the brown alpaca fiber from Serano Alpacas.  This batch is called Farm Blend and is a multi-hued light chocolate brown color.  Previously I had spun up four ounces of a red-brown alpaca color and will ply this with that first batch.  It should be a very muted but beautiful tweedy brown.  And at eight ounces will be enough to make a scarf.  Soooooo soft!


Sue W. said...

So thankful the fire didn't impact you more! Scary!! And looking forward to seeing a photo of the scarf you are making! You are SO talented and it is a blessing that you love doing this.

Sheryl at WovenDreamsFarm said...

Awww shucks! Thanks Sue. But don't hold your breath on that scarf because I have a warp on one of my looms I have to finish first and it is a 3-scarf warp. I've got one finished but have to weave the other two before I can take them off.

But I guess I could warp up one of my other looms ... hmmmmmm :-)